What we do

Fresh values
All destinations
Target system

Who we are

Focusing on your core business and tasks

Improvement of:

> Transport costs
> Costs for logistics management
> Transport times and deadlines

An opportunity to make more out of your investment

Clear cost structure for your transports

Value system on which your company can orient itself

Purchasing through your neutral transport broker

Support while creating a call for tenders and purchasing
of transport services in Switzerland and abroad

Your advantages

> Each of our partners is the market leader is their field
> You can concentrate on your core business
> Use our core business for your logistics!
> Quality and service are guaranteed and ensured:
   You can reach us around the clock.
> Benchmarking is undertaken with every offer:
   Price comparison with at least three partners
> Years of knowledge gathered in the transport and logistics market

Your time savings = your cost savings

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