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Logistics target system

Service maximization through customer satisfaction and loyalty with
simultaneous logistics optimization can only be achieved through the
proper interplay of the following logistics elements:
> Production logistics
> Sales logistics
> Purchasing logistics
> Development
> Dispatch logistics
> Disposal logistics
Customer satisfaction and long-term loyalty can only be attained through
service maximization in your logistics:

> Delivery time guarantee
> Delivery reliability (loyalty)
> Delivery readiness
> Delivery flexibility
> Delivery quality
> Delivery convenience – use of the same partner and driver

The six logistics maps and service maximizations can improve your logistics
costs in these essential areas:

> Order handling for service costs for material and the flow of goods
> Warehouse costs including capital commitments and financial risks
> Inventory costs (capital commitments for raw materials, half-finished and finished materials)
> Packaging costs
> Combined transport and packaging costs
> Incoming and outgoing goods costs

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